Inside the world of Cosplay Portraits

Studio Angle in Okayama, Japan's most unique portrait service is their dedicated pixelstick booth for Cosplayers.

Halloween by Pixelstick!

We took to the scary streets of Brooklyn with a fresh set of spooky bitmaps. Check it out!

Mounts and Mountability

Why limit yourself to holding it? Pixelstick's 1/4-20" rear channel and clampable body make mounting a breeze.

Animating with Pixelstick #2

Watch as a beautiful ribbon of light moves through a scene by incrementally advancing pixelstick along a predetermined path.

Upon further reflection...

Pixelstick spills beautiful, real light right in your long exposure. One of the best side effects of this is how that light can pool and reflect on the various surfaces to create some truly stunning visuals in your shot.

New Image Packs: Fish and Animals

We decided we wanted to shoot some animal life, but thought that rather than go for hyper-realism, it might be more interesting to go for type of vintage animal illustrations you might find in an old encyclopedia or on the wall of a bait and tackle.

Reblog: Colorkey Case Study

A reblog from a pixelstick case study from a Swiss creative agency.

Pixelstick Meets SpiroJib

We’re always interested in the various ways people go about getting the most out of their equipment. Skilled lightpainter, tool-builder, and all-around pleasant guy John Griffin had his eye on designing a device to help him create spirograph-style images

Guest post: Working with a half pixelstick

Pixelstick’s size is one of its best features. Creating photoreal images at 6ft tall has yielded some of the most impactful shots we’ve seen. But sometimes circumstances call for something a bit more compact, and when this happens, it’s great to know that with a little bit of reconfiguring, pixelstick can be used at half size with great results.

Achieving in-camera photorealism

One of the things that truly sets pixelstick apart from other photo lights is its ability to read and display photorealistic images into a long exposure. To achieve all the brilliant reflection and spill of a normal in-camera light with the added benefit of that light taking any form you wish is a useful option to have in your kit.

Animating with Pixelstick #1

Animating with pixelstick is both fun and rewarding, and there are a million ways to do it. Over the next few weeks we’ll visit some of the most common methods and walk you through how we ourselves do them.

Abstract art in thin air

Showcasing both the vivid, detail-rich capabilities of pixelstick as well as the concept of capturing a unique moment that can never be repeated.

The Brighter Side of Weddings

Some of the best and most interesting work from shooters with access to both a pixelstick and an adventurous couple

The Fine Art of the Portrait

When these shooters below got a look at pixelstick, they figured it’d be a good way to introduce a fresh element to their portrait photography.

Expo, Expo, read all about it

We’re fresh off pixelstick’s first big tradeshow event, the PDN Photplus Expo in Manhattan, which is one of the larger and more exciting photography related events on the east coast. We spent much of September and October...

Tune up your Car Photography

Car photographers (both professional any hobbyist) have been among the most prolific and consistently exciting members of the pixelstick community.

Taking pixelstick for a spin

When we first began shooting with pixelstick and feeling out new techniques, we were excited to try spinning pixelstick like a propellor to see how it looked. As usual, pixelstick delivered, and we found the images produced with this method can be both interesting and unpredictable.

25 of our favorite GIFs

One of the things we were most excited about when building pixelstick was the idea of stitching multiple lightpainted long exposures into animations.

High Res Wallpaper!

There’s nothing quite like a brand spankin’ new, high-res wallpaper. Below are some of our favorites, often in 2K or 4K res.

pixelstick was created by shooters, for shooters.

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