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Spooky figures, faces, ribbons, and the like. Get out there and give someone a scare!

Aquatic Life

The type you'd see on the wall in a bait shop.

Vintage Animals

Straight from 1960s Encyclopedias and into your pixelstick.

Rainbow Riffs

Variations and riffs on the original pixelstick Rainbow.

Volumetric Ribbons

Ribbons with depth! Drop shadows and overlaid shapes make these ribbons a little more substantial looking than flat stripes of color.

Video Games

Something for everyone here, from schools both old and new.

Block Ribbons

One of our most popular packs - even more stripes and ribbons!

Ribbons & Spinners

Abstract patterns and art perfect for pulling like taffy across the night sky.


From the Golden Age of Hollywood to Grindhouse to Gremlins, this pack features iconic stills from every era of film.


Six foot tall floating Cheeseburger. 25 feet of tacos. A pizza the size of a Buick. Enough said.

Fine Art

Light up the night with Boticelli, Banksy, and everything in between. .

Fire & Flames

All things fiery. Caution: Contents hot.

pixelstick was created by shooters, for shooters.

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